Low Maintenance Dogs for Apartment Living: Small Dogs vs Large Dogs

Planning on both renting an apartment and having a canine companion is a big challenge. Living in one sounds so cozy and you must find a dog that will feel the same way, which ensures more harmonious bonding days. Some who are already living in one and considering adding a new four-legged family member may be constrained because of having no idea on where to start. Here are some important details on choosing the right apartment dog to help you narrow down the things and breeds on your list.

First and foremost, you will be looking for low maintenance breeds and the reasons will be further discussed hereafter. The next thing would be choosing between a small dog or large dog, where you will be considering many things for each type. Lastly, you will be weighing everything else and finally making the choice on what breed suits your lifestyle best. This lucky dog, whether big or small, will soon have a home to call its own!

Why A Low Maintenance Dog Makes the Perfect Apartment Dog

A low maintenance pet lets you have both a dog and job at the same time, allowing you to work outside the home without causing trouble to your neighbors, and to yourself whenever you arrive! They eliminate the need for allotting additional budget for a dog walker, a trainer, weekly or bi-weekly trips to the groomers, and other extra expenses. These are the ideal pets who meet the requirements of being an apartment resident, as well as in terms of the following factors:

Exercise – This is the type that would be a happy dog with just a small yard or none at all. You can opt for a low-energy dog who is happy on a couch, requiring less exercise than other breeds. You can relax even when it’s not yet time for walks because your loyal friend really won’t mind, rather than a pooch yelping and jumping up and about anxious to finally get out. Some high maintenance breeds need significantly more walks done several times a day.

Grooming – Most dogs require regular brushing, trimming of nails, visits to the vet, and more routine than what you can possibly fit in your own schedule. If you barely have time to brush your own hair, then a high-maintenance pooch is definitely not a good idea. Low maintenance dogs are exactly the opposite with minimal grooming requirements and checkups. Their hair does not overwhelmingly shed and will not be a reason for you to vacuum more often.

Barking – A low maintenance breed will not cause too much noise. Excessive and even aggressive barking can be rude and annoying to neighbors. Some dogs tend to be nervous and bark as loud as they might, and you would neither want to be known for having a notorious dog.

Temperament – If you’re new to the area and your dog is not friendly, it decreases the chances of developing a good relationship with your neighbors. Hence, a friendly pup to both humans and animals is favorable since they won’t be shy and become easily agitated with new people and places.

Small Dogs vs Large Dogs


The most common dilemma of apartment residents wanting to get a dog – a small dog or a large dog? Truth is, regardless of breed or size, most dogs can do well in an apartment. If you have a low-maintenance, low energy dog, any size is perfect no matter how small or ample enough your place is. Even some of the high-energy dogs can possibly become good apartment dogs. What’s important is that they receive the right training and exercise. The mental development doesn’t require any space, while the physical exercise would typically happen outside. Big or small, your best friend deserves your attention and affection whenever you are at home and can selflessly give it. The main point of you getting a four-legged pal is companionship, and so make the most out of it!

Small Dogs for Apartment Residents

A smaller dog would make more sense to many, with less sleeping area to occupy, smaller bath area, and all those cute little accessories that go with a toy dog. The Maltese, Bolognese, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Miniature Poodle, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, and Pug are few of the breeds known to adjust well to the apartment lifestyle.


Small dogs rank as the top choice for many people who live in apartments. However, being a small breed does not necessarily mean a dog will adapt well to apartment living. Some are utterly vocal and the high-pitched barking could result to an annoyance to your neighbors. Some are brimming with energy way beyond their size to be cooped up and eventually explode! This is not any reason for worry, but a bit of understanding of the dog’s nature is all you need to do. You can still have a small loyal companion as you wish because there are a number of intelligent breeds which can be easily trained to curb this behavior. You’ll find them so much more lovable since they would want nothing else but to please you.

Large Dogs for Apartment Residents

You won’t have to settle for less in terms of size if you live in an apartment and prefer large dogs. It’s possible to contentedly live with a large breed in an apartment. They actually require very low maintenance compared to long-haired types. Some of the best large breeds that do well in an apartment are the Great Dane, Greyhound, Staffordshire Terrier, Dalmatian, Ibizan Hound, and Labrador Retriever. These are huge dogs who don’t seem like a good choice for an apartment dog at first glance, but their calm, quiet nature makes them excellent pets.

big dog

Living in an apartment with large dogs require much more attention and you must check out nearby places in the neighborhood to take a stroll. This way, they can help you get the exercise you need as well with regular walks. You will be forced to get take them out a few times, rather than simply opening the back door to an extended area if you actually have a big yard. Now you won’t have any excuse to put off exercising yourself. You explore new things and enjoy new outdoor sights too as they take you to places they follow with their noses. Have some fun with the entire family and your pet during weekend picnics at the park!