Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a Great Form of Exercise

If you’ve ever been surfing or kayaking, then you already have a good idea of how to stand up paddle board. It’s basically just a combination of the two and is a rapidly growing sport.

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Why is it Popular?

A lot of people take up surfing for fun and the amazing workout you get. A lot of people take up kayaking to explore rivers and to get a nice exercise that tones their arms and core area. Stand up paddle boarding essentially works just about every muscle in your body. It’s an intense workout and it’s a lot of fun. You’re basically working on your core strength, your cardiovascular routine, your balance, your flexibility and there’s no drawbacks (meaning you won’t be skipping leg day).

Who’s it For?

For anyone and everyone of all ages, provided that you’re healthy enough to swim. If you’re healthy enough to swim, then you’re more than likely healthy enough to take up paddle boarding. One of the great things about paddle boarding is that you don’t need to rely on weather conditions to do it. With surfing, you need the right amount of wind and waves to really catch any surf. Paddle boarding is best done on calm and flat water, especially for beginners just getting into the sport.

Where Did Paddle Boarding Originate?

Stand up paddle boarding originally was invented back in the 1960s. The Beach Boys of Waikiki would stand on their longboards and use rigged paddles so that they could paddle out from the shore to get a better view – so yes, hawaii is one of the best spots on earth to stand up paddleboard. However, the sport really didn’t take off or get any kind of attention until the early 2000s. Professional surfers would use the best stand up paddle boards as a form of exercise and training when the weather was too calm to go surfing.

In conclusion, it’s a relatively inexpensive hobby to get into and it’s an amazing workout for your entire body that doesn’t really feel like a workout at all. It’s a great fit for any enthusiast of all ages and it’s a lot of fun!