What Professional Gaming Setup & Gear Looks Like

Gaming might seem like just a hobby. However, it is more of a career to other people. Some people are so much involved in gaming and they spend hours and hours playing games. These are the professional gamers and in most cases, they will have the top ranks when you look at the leaderboard of a particular game. So what makes them professional gamers? Two things only; the gaming set up and the gears. When you have the perfect environment and the right gears for the game, you will be in a better position to play. The skills will come later when you get used to the game. But it all starts with the right accessories and set up. So what does the professional gaming setup look like, and what are the gears needed?

• A gaming machine


You cannot play the game if you do not have the right machine to play it. Some go for the PlayStation, others choose the Xbox while others stick to the desktops. Nonetheless, the best option that will save space and money is a laptop. With a laptop, you will not need a TV Screen, neither will you need a Xbox or a PlayStation. Everything is combined into one machine.

You have got to be keen when you are looking for a laptop for gaming. You will need to consider the features of that laptop and they must be good enough to support any type of game. There are games that are big and only need a laptop that has a RAM of at least 5GB and a faster processor. Such laptops can be expensive, some going for over $3,000. Luckily, you can get some good gaming laptops for less than $1,500. One good example is the ASUS ROG, G750JM 17”. This laptop is the best for gaming, and it is affordable enough. It is loaded with a RAM of 12GB DDR3 and a 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 4700HG, with a Turbo 3.4GHz processor. It also has a 1TB HDD, with 2GB Nvidia graphics.

• A Router


A wireless router for professional gamers is one of the essentials. This is a great choice if you will want to consider online gaming. You should ensure that you choose the right router that will not cause any lags with your broadband connection. With a poor router, your gaming will be affected negatively and you might not enjoy your game as you expect.

A great choice of a router is the D-Link AC1300 Gaming Router. This is a router that has been designed with professionalism and with a highly advanced router technology. It has been optimized for NVIDIA Game stream and you are sure of enjoying a lag-free gaming. Also, you can move with it wherever you want and can use also to stream high-quality games.

• A sound bar


You most definitely need to have a sound bar, especially if you intend to set up a gaming room. The good thing about a sound bar is that you can play the game along with a partner in the same room. You would have to worry about getting an extra headset. You can try out the Sony HT-CT260.

• Control charging station


If you are going to use wireless controllers with your laptop, you will want to include a charge station that will keep you going throughout the game. A controller will need consistent charging, so you should choose wisely. There are some amazing selections from Nykos if you need a charge station for your controller.

• Soundproofs


You might want to have a room that is filled with sound and music from the game, but it can be irritating to the next room. For that, you’ll want to soundproof the room. You will also increase the quality of the sound in the room when you soundproof it. You can add some add frames to the walls and ceiling, which will be used to apply the soundproof layer. If it is challenging, call a professional contractor to make your room soundproof.

With a laptop, there will be fewer cables around the room. Most of the devices and gears used along with the laptop are wireless, so you will be sure of reduced accidents. When you are opting to make the room soundproof, you can also consider making it darker. This will help to boost the gaming environment.