What Type of Watch Does Your Husband Wear?

Why do men wear watches? It may be as a piece of jewelry that allows him to display his sense of style, be it a symbol of success, an heirloom, or a gift from a loving wife and the same woman of his dreams whom he married? Exactly what type does the man in your life wear? Whatever your husband’s relationship with time is, you probably already have an idea about it.

Outlined here are the three main types of watches to get to know your man better, and to surprise him on his special day, on your romantic anniversary dinner date, or as a heartwarming token of appreciation for being a great dad to your kids!

1. Classic or Dress Watch

Image Source: The 10 Best Dress Watches For Men

The classic timepiece is usually made of gold material laid amidst a plain, sleek and elegant case. It would have a rotating bezel with thick markings on it is out, and similarly thick hands with lots of tritium. Stainless-steel watches are preferable which can last even longer than leather. Your husband can easily pair it with a business suit and dress to impress, but can be made to perfectly match casual clothing too as it blends well with sneakers and shorts. The classic watch is perfect for office wear, whether the newly hired employee or executive to complement his busy schedule. It is ideal for the successful businessman who’s always on the go for more time-efficient days. This type of watch is suitable for almost any occasion and makes a good investment with its good price and versatility.

2. Designer Watch

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Image Source: Bloomingdale’s Designer Watches

As its name implies, this type of watch is designed by someone who’s famed worldwide, with a big name and impact on the watch industry. The publicized designer watches are quite unusual and unique, though not at all times. These are typically mechanical watches made of precious metals such as gold-plated and platinum models. Some are made with stunning crystals and ideal for luxurious, formal events. A man wearing this stylish and flashy watch gives the impression of somewhat a celebrity guy. You’ve got one ravishing husband who has this watch that comes with the high price set upon his wrist. This watch is perfect for men who love to collect novelty and valuable things.

3. Sports Watch

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Image Credit: Top 5 Best Diving Watches Under $500

An awesome watch for the sporty, athletic dude. The unidirectional bezels usually have prominent markings and come with thick luminous hands and dials. A sports watch is typically water resistant to some degree which can handle gentle splashes and light rain to impromptu splashing in the pool, and diving during summer activities. A diver’s watch is preferable for more serious underwater adventures with its rugged construction. It’s strong in both internal and external features, where it exhibits durability and ability to function in the depths of the ocean.

The diving sports watch is perfect for the man with ambition and driven to perform everyday, the coolest dad ever, and the much-appreciated husband. The man who wears this is like wearing all the 3 types of watches. He can be the traditional or casual guy with a classic-looking diving watch, the handsome man underneath a luxurious suit with the designer appeal of the same watch, the young man brimming with energy for outdoor adventures with its impressive capabilities. Most importantly, he can simply the loving and thankful husband you want him to be!